Shakespeare once said: "Jewelry is silent, but it touches a woman's heart more than any language." For jewelry, what is beautiful is not only its appearance but also the affectionate and special meaning contained in it. The jewelry worn by humans can be traced back to the distant Stone Age. There was absolutely no Stunning Flame back then. Early primitive jewelry forms were mainly: necklaces, waist decorations, arm decorations, wrist decorations, headdresses, and so on. Different jewelry represents different meanings, and different jewelry also has different origin stories. This is how all the jewelry originates, Raneecoco Jewelry will share more on this with you here.


Where Did "Jewelry" Come From - An Introduction to The Transformation of Jewelry

Wearing earrings is related to ancient superstitions. The legendary devil and other demon spirits always want to enter the human body and occupy the human body. Therefore, all the holes that may enter and exit on the human body must be specially guarded, and the earrings are the lucky charms worn on the ears. While representing the lucky charm, it also means that I am the object of confession. All happy grievances hope that you can confide with me, and I am willing to listen to your voice.

 Where Did "Jewelry" Come From - An Introduction to The Transformation of JewelryIn ancient times, primitive humans wore animal teeth on their bodies, hands, and necks. On the one hand, the purpose of this was to pretend to be wild beasts to confuse others, and on the other hand, they also carried weapons with attacking capabilities. Later, it was discovered that once a person wears more jewelry, it proves that the person is better at wild hunting and has stronger abilities. Then people made bright and eye-catching accessories from the fur and bones of the beasts they killed and put them on their wrists. They carve patterns of mountains, rivers, stars, and moons on it to show off their abilities. This also makes bracelets and other accessories a symbol of identity, ability, power, and status, as well as a symbol of bravery and wit. A bracelet affects the hearts of two people. It means that two people accompany each other and guard together.

 Where Did "Jewelry" Come From - An Introduction to The Transformation of JewelryIn ancient tribes, men often used chains to tie women looted from other tribes, hoping that she would become his wife. Later it evolved into a necklace. Although the meaning of the necklace is different from ancient times, it is also similar. Expressing the desire to "tether" the other party and "tether" love. Since the location of the necklace is closest to the heart, the meaning of the necklace is "only you in my heart, no others". The meaning of the necklace is I am in love with you, to give you my heart, I hope you can feel my true love.


Where Did "Jewelry" Come From - An Introduction to The Transformation of Jewelry

Rings are the witness of love among the jewelry. Rings originated from an iron ring. In Greek mythology, when Zeus learned that Prometheus had stolen fire to humans, he angrily locked him on the big rock. After Prometheus was rescued, he left a hoop on his finger. This is the origin of the prototype of rings. In 1477, Maximilian met Princess Mary, who was beautiful and elegant and fell in love with her at first sight. Although Princess Mary had been betrothed to the Crown Prince of France at that time, Maximilian decided to gamble on luck, so he ordered someone to create a noble diamond ring, hoping to impress Princess Mary. Princess Mary who received the ring was moved by Maximilian's sincerity and finally married him. Since then, diamond rings have become a token of engagement and marriage in the West. The ring represents loving you in your heart and willing to take precepts for your love. The ring has become the most straightforward and sincere expression of love.

June 18, 2021 — David S.