Whether you only use silver jewelry as a wardrobe accessory or just a few special pieces of jewelry, you may find yourself wondering at some point what the best way is to take care of and clean your sterling silver jewelry.
Raneecoco Jewelry’s specialist jewelers have compiled a list to answer all your questions about the maintenance of silver jewelry. Anything from daily wear tips to cleaning directions can be found online.

16 Awesome Tips That Helps You Care Sterling Silver Jewelry 2021


Sterling silver 925 is an alloy metal composed of 92.5 percent pure silver and other elements. 925 sterling silver is popular due to its low cost and malleability, but due to its structure, it can tarnish easily. If you see a darkened or filthy piece of jewelry, your silver has tarnished; nevertheless, there is no reason to neglect or remove it.
Tarnish is simply the result of a chemical reaction in the air containing oxygen or sulfur ions. You will keep your sterling silver jewelry in good condition and make it last for several years by following a few simple guidelines.


The easiest way to combat corrosion is to understand what is dangerous to your sterling silver jewelry. We have assembled the following list of tips for your daily wear:
  • WEAR IT FREQUENTLY: The natural oils of the scalp, believe it or not, will aid in the preservation of the luster of silver jewels. Wearing silver instead of storing it in a jewelry box is one of the simplest ways to save it from tarnishing.
  • REMOVE DURING HOUSEHOLD CHORES: Sulfur-containing compounds, such as household cleaners, chlorinated water, sweat, and rubber, can hasten corrosion and luster loss. Until washing, it is best to strip all sterling silver jewelry.
  • AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT: Strip the silver jewelry before touching the beach or swimming pool. Silver can also change color when exposed to sunlight.
  • JEWELRY SHOULD BE WORN LAST: For good cause, people have been putting jewelry on last for years. Lotion, lipstick, hair spray, and perfume will hasten the fade process.


There are many methods for cleaning silver jewelry at home. You can be faced with a plethora of options and wonder which strategy is safest. So, here is the silver cleaning form we recommend for cleaning at home:
  • SOAP AND WATER: Due to the gentleness of soap and water, this is our preferred process. Before attempting all other activities, this should be the first line of defense.
  • BAKING SODA AND WATER: If you come across a suggestion to use toothpaste, we firmly advise you to disregard it and just use baking soda and water. When the toothpaste is plain, non-whitening, and not gel-based, it can be used in jewelry. They now contain more additives, though, and can harm your silver. Instead, make a paste of baking soda and water, add a small amount to a cloth or toothbrush, and gently rinse.
  • WHITE VINEGAR AND BAKING SODA: This soft cleaning solution is ideal for scraping thick rust. Soak sterling silver in 12 cups white vinegar and 2 tbsp baking soda for 2 to 3 hours (mix them in a sink to prepare for foaming and lathering). Rinse and pat dry the jewelry.
  • POLISH: After washing the jewelry thoroughly, use a sterling silver polishing cloth to finish the job.

This procedure can be repeated as desired. Remember that the secret to keeping sterling silver safe is to keep it clean on a daily basis in order to remove scales. Allowing a substantial amount of rust to collect on a piece and then attempting to remove it all at once will make the task more challenging.
You will come across several other methods, but we highly advise you to use these three because they have a high level of softness on your silver jewelry.


  • USING AIRTIGHT CONTAINERS: Any container can be used to hold your silver as long as it is free of air. Ziplock bags are useful, but there are also specialty jewelry bags available, which are a more appealing choice.
  • STORE IN A COOL PLACE: As previously said, sunshine, humidity, and moisture can hasten corrosion. Keep the silver in a clear, dry spot.
  • SEPARATELY MAINTAIN THE SAME ITEMS: Separately store pieces to avoid rubbing or tangling with jewels.
  • CONSIDER USING ANTI-RUST STRIPS: You can use anti-rust strips to resist corrosion on your jewelry.
  • DO NOT STORE IN PARCHMENT, PLASTIC, OR COTTON BOXES: These materials can contain trace amounts of sulfur, which may cause discoloration.


Other techniques for preventing sterling silver jewelry discoloration may be tried.

  • USING CHALK TO STORE JEWELRY: If you mix a few bits of chalk with sterling silver, the chalk will trap moisture to help resist discoloration.
  • USE SILICONE BAGS: Silicone bags are often used when shopping for new clothing or shoes. Take them and place them in the jewelry box. They are excellent at extracting moisture!
  • ANTI-RUST CLOTH: Lining the jewelry box with anti-rust cloth is a smart idea. These cloths absorb sulfur and moisture from the air and are normally chemically prepared to keep them from discoloring.
April 26, 2021 — David S.