LOOK FOR THE HALLMARK. Sterling silver in the United States is nearly invariably etched with 925, S925, .925, or 92.5. This is one method for determining whether or not it is sterling silver. Other countries' requirements may vary, so please pay attention to the emblem of any jewelry you want to purchase. Since plain silver is too light to be used in durable jewelry, it is blended with other metals. The purity of 925 sterling silver is 92.5 percent due to the presence of 7.5 percent other metals, making it 0.925.

A Must-Read Guide to Sterling Silver Jewelry Purchase: What, Where and Why 2021

BE CAREFUL WITH THE WORD "PLATED". It is not sterling silver if an object is identified as "silver plated." This means it is silver-plated, but it is normally made of nickel, copper, stainless steel, or another metal. This silver-plated coating will wear away with time. Another popular metal in jewelry is gold plated silver, which is actual 925 sterling silver with a sheet of gold coating.

EXAMINE THE PART'S CONSISTENCY COMPOSITION. Both buckles should be tested to ensure that they are secure but not difficult to unlock. Check the chain for kinks or twists by laying it flat. Often, make sure the earrings are straight and not easily bent. New sterling silver jewelry should be gleaming and free of discoloration. Tarnish does not often indicate that a piece of jewelry is of low quality if you purchase it secondhand. You only need to clean it to make it shine again.



LOOK FOR SHOPS IN YOUR AREA THAT SELL STERLING SILVER JEWELRY. Choose if you want to go to a department store, a jewelry store, or a resale shop. Department stores may deliver regular discounts and deals, but their prices are often higher than those of independent jewelers. The jewelry store's employees could also be more knowledgeable about the items. You should also go to antique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets if you want to be open to second-hand jewels. Inquire with friends and family on where they have purchased sterling silver jewelry in the past. Localized recommendation platforms, such as Yelp, may provide information about the product quality and customer experience of nearby businesses.

A Must-Read Guide to Sterling Silver Jewelry Purchase: What, Where and Why 2021

CHECK OUT A FEW PIECES OF JEWELRY IN THE SHOP. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and other accessories are available. Look for marks and put both buckles and underlays to their paces. Use a magnifying glass or a jeweler's collar to examine the object more closely.

INQUIRE WITH THE CLERK FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE PRODUCT. The assistant should be able to tell you who designed the object, what metal it is made of, and where the label is located. Please walk away if the employee declines to answer your question or is unable to find someone else who can. Don't be afraid to inquire about the return policies of the store. A published jeweler or department store should be available at every respectable jeweler or department store.

MAKE YOUR PURCHASE. Purchase the part until you are pleased with its consistency and price. Keep all records issued by staff, such as receipts, service cards, authenticity certificates, and maintenance instructions.



LOOK FOR LOCATIONS THAT OFFER STERLING SILVER JEWELRY. Online stores such as Amazon sell a vast range of jewelry that is all guaranteed to be of high quality and have excellent customer service, making it simple to find what you're looking for. Many physical jewelry stores and department stores often sell their entire inventory online. If you wish to purchase a ring, you must first determine the size of the ring and you cannot try on any sizes before purchasing.

A Must-Read Guide to Sterling Silver Jewelry Purchase: What, Where and Why 2021

SELECT A LISTING AND READ THROUGH ALL OF THE DETAILS PRESENTED. The item's dimensions, as well as specific details about the metal parts, should be explained in detail. There should even be a few pictures of the job from various perspectives. If you have any more concerns, please contact the seller.

GO THROUGH THE RETURN POLICY. The website will either list its return policies in the package specifics or on a different page have a wider return policy for all products on the website. Please ensure that the website requires you to refund the item if you don't like it, not only if it was damaged or broken during shipping.

PURCHASE AND TRACK ITEMS. If the price is high, please plan for delivery to come while you are at home to prevent robbery. Alternatively, if the boss permits it, ship it to your office. Many websites provide shipment monitoring, so keep an eye out for tracking alerts and find out where your goods are.

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