Caring Sterling Silver

  1. Do not wear other metal jewelry when wearing silver, and remove the silver jewelry when doing rough work to avoid collision, deformation, or abrasion.
  2. Do not touch it too often with your hands, or even scratch the jewelry, so as not to damage the protective layer on the surface and accelerate its oxidation rate.
  3. Do not put it together with hair spray, perfume, skincare products, etc.
  4. Do not wear silver jewelry when swimming, close to seawater, hot springs, or sulfides, as it will oxidize, change color, and turn black that way.
  5. It is recommended to wear silver jewelry every day because the body oil can make it produce a natural luster.
  6. After each wearing, wipe the surface with a cotton cloth or tissue to remove water stains and dirt then store it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with air.


Caring Gold

  1. Put each piece of gold jewelry independently in a different jewelry box or drawer to avoid scratches.
  2. Regularly clean the gold jewelry by immersing the gold jewelry in warm soap water, gently wipe off the grease with a soft brush, rinse with water, and dry with a hairdryer.
  3. Due to the high ductility of gold jewelry, try not to pull necklaces and other accessories frequently to avoid entanglement in the hair.
  4. When doing housework, it is best to remove the gold jewelry first because liquids such as detergent will dim the color of gold jewelry.
  5. Generally, gold jewelry is worn in the last step of dressing, because chemicals such as perfume and hair spray will damage gold jewelry.
  6. Do not swim with gold jewelry because salt water and chlorine water will also damage the gold jewelry.


Caring Cubic Zirconia

  1. Use a small bowl or teacup to fill warm water with an appropriate amount of neutral detergent in the water. Dip the CZ in water, brush it gently with a toothbrush, then cover it with a mesh sieve, and rinse it with warm running water. Finally, wipe it dry with a soft lint-free cloth.
  2. Use a small bowl or teacup to soak the CZ in water for about 30 minutes, then use a small brush to gently brush around the diamond before and after it, then wave it in the water for a while, take it out and dry it with a tissue.
  3. Buy a bottle of jewelry cleaning liquid, together with the complimentary container, and wash the diamonds according to the instructions.


Caring Pearls

  1. If your pearl jewelry gets wet, you should wipe it with a clean cloth to prevent the pearl from discoloring.
  2. While wearing pearl jewelry, do not let the pearl touch hard objects, so as not to damage the pearl.
  3. Pearls should not be exposed to acidic substances, such as those cosmetics, perfumes, etc., to prevent the pearl from fading.
  4. Pearls should also be cleaned regularly to prevent the pearl from being discolored by sweat, dust, etc., and it can be wiped clean with silicone oil.