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We deliver the goods ourselves, ordinary express delivery is free (United States around two weeks), and there is an extra charge according to different needs. Please see FAQ for details.




Simple packaging.



Exquisite unique packaging.




30-day return.



90-day return, which means you have 90 days after receiving your item to request a return.


Quality Control


If the goods are shipped from Amazon, Amazon will decide whether to restock the returned goods according to the judgment of its own warehouse staff. At present, it seems that they are basically restocked, and there will be many problems. For the goods repackaged after returning, we can't monitor the quality. Compared with the new products with brand new packaging, it is more likely that the Stone is not shiny enough, the packaging is messy, the quality is wrong, and the size is wrong. We have always reflected on this problem with Amazon. We hope that all returned goods will not be sold again, but it has not been solved yet. Of course, most of them are good, and a few of them may have problems.



If we deliver the goods by ourselves, professional personnel will carry out quality inspection again when the single products are delivered out of the warehouse, and the quality will be more guaranteed.


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